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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Moth Nationals

It's been over two years since I posted about the Fran Abbott Moth that I got from a trash dump.  I've sailed the boat in a number of regattas since the restoration and have had modest success.  We hold our national championship in Elizabeth City NC. every September.  I've made most of them for the last 14 years.  The Vintage class has always had it's own championship series combined with the national champ for the faster boats.   This year the class association decided that the National Champion will be awarded to the winner of the Vintage class.   So I've decided to upgrade the Abbott to make her a national contender.  With that said, I'm in the process of fairing the bottom.  When I restored the boat I didn't do this mainly because it wasn't necessary.  Now it does. 
Fairing the bottom means eliminating all bumps and anomies in the bottom.  Then a good coat of paint followed by a complete wet sanding of the bottom.  I'm at the initial sanding stage now.

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