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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mast repair

The preferred method to fix broken spars on a boat is a scarf,  That's when you cut the wood at an angle and then glue the two angles together.  That gives a large gluing area and creates new strength in the wood.  Unfortunately it also makes the spar your are trying to fix a lot shorter.   With this particular mast it is already short and has had other wood grafted to the heal just to make it fit.

I'm going to do this one different.  I'm going to put a Dutchman on one side of the mast.  That will cover one half of the break and join the two parts.  Once the two half's are together I'll  make a strap from some kevlar and then wrap the patch in fiberglass tape.  When that is done I'll put a metal strap on each vertical side of the mast.  We'll see what happens...


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