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Monday, February 20, 2012

Great finds

I started poking at the boat this morning and found a great slice of history. The original builders plate.  I also found the number of this boat.    Moth boats traditionally have the boat class number stamped in the keel just behind the CB case or actually carved into the side of the CB case.  This boat has the number carved into the side of the  CB case.  Great find!

This boat is looking better every time I pull things out.  I've determined that all of the parts to the hull are here.  I just pulled out the floorboards and they are in great shape. I also found the original rubrails, the rudder gudgon and the mast boss.  Before this boat was tossed onto the scrap pile in Chestertown, it had to be stored indoors.  There is still solid varnish fwd under the deck.  

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