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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I got three housekeeping chores done today.  First I made the deadman.  That is a chunk of wood that sits on the mast step and extends to the mast partner.  It's purpose is to allow a deck stepped mast to fit onto a keel stepped mast boat.  The old boats had a 17 1/2 foot mast that extended through the boat and stepped on the keel.  Most modern boats have the mast stepped on the deck.  A deck stepped mast is easier and cheaper to build...  Moth boat guys are all about cheap!  George A graciously offered to lend me a deck stepped mast.  The other two items are the tiller and the hiking stick.  All the above items were made from a slab of oak.  I cut 4 3/16 inch strips for the hiking stick and 8 1/8 inch strips for the tiller.  I cut a wedge to hold them apart at the fork that holds the rudder.

 I'll cut that flush with the trim ring when that gets installed.  I'll also put a 3/8 inch SS bolt down the middle and cut the head off to make it a pin.  That red stuff you see is blood.  My finger slipped on the table sander...
The pattern that I used is the Cates tiller in the background.

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