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Friday, March 16, 2012

Bow block

I made a decision that the bottom gets skinned first.  In order for the bottom to fit it has to fit into a grove in the  keel.  I'll fit the bottom by laying the panel on the bottom and then scribing a line from the bow to the stern from inside the boat.  Without the deck on I can do that fairly easy.   As I was trying to visualize this I removed the remaining two small bow bottom sections from the boat.  I immediately saw a problem with my method for applying the bottom.     Picture the keel (boat upside down) with the groves on either side for the bottom panel.  As the keel goes fwd to the bow the keel gets narrower and eventually comes to a V and bends up to the prow (like a cates)  The two bottom panels are still separated by the notch and they never come together (think parallel lines)  Something had to cover that last foot or so where the bow curve comes in and the two bottom panels have to meet.  That's where the bow section came in. The bottom at the bow was butted to the fwd bottom panel at that intersection.  That panel then butts up against the rest of the bottom at that fwd junction...    

 Notice the difference in height from the bottom to where it makes the transition to the bow.
 The bow section goes all the way to the tip.  The bottom panel stop about an inch short and you see the keel when the bottom is in place.
 Bottom grove on the keel.

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