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Monday, March 19, 2012

Fwd section

I fitted the fwd section to the boat.  Usually I make up a full length section around 12 foot long and then just hang that on the bottom and fit the entire bottom one half at a time.  That works for the modern boats and the flat bottom boats like the Ventnor.  This bottom requires 3 sections.  I form fitted the bottom yesterday and today I did the next two feet.  This worked out well because I'm working in a tight space and it just seamed to be the way to do it.  I did bend up a chunk of the 4 mil for the bow section and it does bend on the vertical.  That section will probably be later this week.   Note the little bronze screws.  They make great clamps.  I'll take them out when the glue dries and fill the holes with goop.  This bottom is going to be painted so holes don't matter.

It's later in the day and I got both bottom panels on.  The boat has a very much more pronounced V that I originally thought.  Hard to tell from just the frame.

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